General User Trainings

1.) Clarity Human Services: General Training

All Clarity Human Services users are required to complete the Clarity General Training before they will be granted access to the system. Users will receive login credentials after they have registered and completed the training including all quizzes. Be sure to designate San Francisco as the county you're registering for. 

For more information on signup/registration and completion please click HERE.



2.) The ONE System General Users Refresher Training



The ONE System General Users Refresher Training is a recorded training, designed for current ONE System Users, who would like a refresher on ONE System Functionality. The training will cover general topics such as:

  • Navigating the ONE system
  • Working Under the appropriate agency
  • Understanding the Search Function
  • Searching For Clients & duplicates
  • Creating a Client Profile
  • Release Of Information 
  • Uploading documents
  • Managing a household in the ONE System
  • Merging Client Profiles
  • Program Enrollments & Importance of Move-In Dates
  • Understanding The History Tab
  • Assessments: Status and Annual
  • Annual Assessments Alerts
  • Program Exits 
  • Data Quality
  • Helpful Resources



Refresher Training FAQs

1. Can I watch this training instead of the the General Users Training as part of the steps required for accessing a ONE System end-user account?

Answer: NO. This training is designed as a refresher tool for Clarity Human Services ONE System Users who have already been granted access to the system. To access the Full General Users Training click here.


2. How frequently do you suggest an agency to utilize this training?

Answer: As much as possible. Many agencies participate in monthly, quarterly or annual refresher trainings to support their continuous data quality improvement process. Given that the training materials are available online, the agency will have unlimited access to training materials and can utilize such at their discretion.


3. What if I have additional questions that are not covered in the training video or written materials?

Answer: If questions arise that are not covered in the training, customers are always welcome to contact the ONE System Bitfocus Helpdesk. Our friendly support team and system administrators will be delighted to assist you. 



3.) Clarity Human Services FAQ Training 

We're excited to offer this FAQ course! Our sole intent in offering this course is to get your answers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is easy to learn. Here we answer questions that would typically result in a ticket through our Help Desk. We find that offering these resources ad hoc gives our users the ability to find answers quickly.