How to Receive a New End User Account for the ONE System

All prospective ONE System users must complete the following steps to receive login credentials:


1.) Participate in Two Online Trainings:

Use your work email address to register for:


Please note that additional training may be required for your workflow. Please refer to the ONE System User Training Requirement Matrix to confirm if additional training is needed.

2.) Notify your Agency Lead of Training Completion

Notify your One System Agency Lead, or direct supervisor at your agency, that you have successfully completed both online trainings. Provide completion certification of the SFDPH training to your Agency Lead.


3.) Request Access

Request that your Agency Lead contact the Bitfocus Help Desk at or (415) 429-4211 to request a new ONE System user account for you. The Agency Lead will need to provide the following information:

  • User name
  • User email
  • Access role
  • The Summary of Access Roles document can be found here. Please specify the name of the Access Role, not the number.

Please note: only Agency Leads may contact the Bitfocus Help Desk to request a new ONE System user account. 


4.) Add Bitfocus to Your Contacts

Add the email address to your work email's Address Book or Contacts folder to avoid the login credential email from from being mistakenly flagged as a "Spam" or "Junk" email.

5.) Create Your Password

Follow the instructions in the login credential email to create a unique password for the ONE System.


6.) Certify Completion of the SFDPH Privacy Training

Upon logging into the ONE System for the first time, you will be prompted to electronically certify that you have completed the SFDPH Privacy Training.


For more information regarding how to use the ONE System, please refer to Training and Resources above.

The Bitfocus Help Desk can be contacted by telephone at (415) 429-4211, via the ‘Help’ button on the bottom-right corner of this webpage, or via e-mail at