Reports Trainings

This page offers training and information regarding for the Annual Performance Report (APR), as well as other reports that program managers may find useful.


Annual Performance Reports (APR)

  • Access Sage (the HMIS reporting repository) here.
  • Access the APR training video here and slides here.
  • Access our APR Manual here. This manual gives guidance on how to prepare and run an APR report, and upload it to Sage. 



Program Managers

In September 2018, we conducted two program manager orientation calls to help orient HSH program managers to how the ONE System can support their work. Resources, including a recording of one of the calls, are below.



We conducted two calls, one geared toward housing program managers, and one geared toward outreach and shelter program managers. This is the recording of the outreach and shelter program manager call, but the content is about 90% the same.


Handouts and Slides

The handouts contain a helpful summary chart of useful reports, where to find them, and why you might use them.